Lidia Genta



Lidia Genta was born into a family of musicians, and at the age of three she was already cultivating a deep passion for singing. She studied on her own and worked on her vocal techniques with Giuseppe Gai, Kevin Navarro, and Rosa Battista, while specializing in Jazz with Giovanna Gattuso.

At age 14 she started singing as a background vocalist in the band Luka (Italian Christian melodic rock), composed of the siblings Luca, Simona and Marco Genta. This gave her the opportunity to perform in venues, theaters and outdoor stages all throughout Italy and Europe. During this time she gained significant studio recording experience as a background vocalist or soloist for various Cristian inspired discographic productions: Gospel Sound, Albino Montisci, Continental Singers, Free Voices, Scott Alan Hansen, Sefora Tripodi, Giorgio Ammirabile, Sara Serio, etc.

Between 1992 and 1997 she was involved with the international group "Continental Singers" as a soloist and assistant-director, during seasonal tours in Great Britain, Scandinavia and Italy. She was also the director of the 1999 Italian Tour. In 1993 Lidia formed a Gospel Choir in the Asti area, called Free Voices, of which she is director and main solo vocalist. They have performed, and continue to perform, at numerous events, concerts, and music festivals: to name a few, ASTI GOSPEL FESTIVAL, RUBIERA GOSPEL DAY, and SPIRITUALS in Jesolo.

Since 1995 Lidia has collaborated intensively with the vocal quintet Gospel Sound, performing at many events such as the first GOSPEL JUBILEE FESTIVAL of Turin (international festival that has hosted the Sweden By Grace Gospel and Bungaro).

In 1996 she began teaching vocal technique and music theory at various musical organizations of the Piedmont, her region: Astinsieme (AT), Sonoria (Cossato, BI), Circolo Filarmonico Astigiano (AT), AltriSuoni (AT), Musicainsieme (Fossano, CN).

In 1998 she graduateed from the "G. Verdi" Conservatory in Turin with a specialization in flute and then met Stefano Rigamonti, a pianist and composer with deep musical sensitivity, with whom she shares her dream of spreading God’s love to the people through music.

In 2003, Lidia’s Gospel Choir Free Voices released the CD “Guarda in Alto” (Look Above). She and Rigamonti, her husband and arranger, were both artistic producers of the album.

Over the years, she has sung in various famous Italian theaters such as: the Smeraldo, the Rolling Stone in Milano, the Palazzetto dello Sport in Acireale, the Fenice in Senigallia, the Palapartenope in Naples, the Giacosa in Aosta, the Piccolo Regio in Torino, and the Ariston in Sanremo, to name a few.

In 2007 Lidia became a spokesperson for Compassion Italy Onlus, a Christian organization involved in child sponsorship in 25 different countries of the developing World.

Currently, she teaches modern singing at the Associazione Musicainsieme in Fossano (CN) and the Associazione Genitori for the project "Futuro Musica" in Villafranca d'Asti (AT), and she holds Gospel Choir classes together with Rigamonti, with whom she also continually collaborates on various concert and discographic projects and vocal technique summer workshops all over Italy. She also continues her professional vocalist activity, both live and in the studio, by collaborating with various Gospel artists (such as: Aurelio Pitino, Anno Domini Gospel Choir, Spirit & Soul Singers, Ranzie Mensah, Jnr Robinson, Leah Vincent, Sarah Lethor, etc.).

Since 2009, she has been working on her first solo album, released in May 2010, called "Così Lontano, Così Vicino" (So Far, So Near). The CD was recorded and produced by Matthias Heimlicher at the Keytastic!studios in Lommiswil (CH), and features many important international musicians. Published by RE_VIVE Records.

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